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estudio Herreros about singular architecture and facilities

The professional practice of Juan Herreros has been closely linked to developing singular facilities and buildings, essentially public, for collective use and through tenders by invitation.Highlights from Ábalos&Herreros period are the construction of facilities for infrastructures (3 Water Treatment Plants, 4 Urban Waste Treatment Plants), culture (Library of Usera, Cultural Centre of Cobeña, Municipal Hall of Colmenarejo), sports (3 sports centres in Madrid, Valladolid and Simancas), universities (Lecture Rooms of Mérida) or representation (City Hall of Cobeña), not to mention museums (see relationship with the world of art). The most significant ones, the Multipurpose Building for the University of Mérida, or the Library of Usera (Mention at the 17th edition of the 2002 Urban Development, Architecture and Public Works Awards of the Council of Madrid), illustrate the care and responsibility with which these programmes have been fulfilled by our practice for almost thirty years. Other projects, such as the Simancas Gymnasium which was selected at the MOMA Light Construction exhibition in New York in 1995 and served as the basis for the Gymnasium at the Retiro Park in Madrid of 2003 (Public Initiative Award at the 18th edition of the 2003 Urban Development, Architecture and Public Works Awards of the Council of Madrid) or the City Hall and Culture Centre of Cobeña (1995) and the Municipal Hall of Colmenarejo (2000), help understand the evolution of an undertaking that has made public facilities a priority. Without forgetting that, in these years, the practice was selected or invited to restricted international tenders such as the EPFL Learning Centre in Lausanne, the Judicial Complex in Aachen, the Logroño Intermodal Station (first prize of the international competition, 2004), the Port of Malaga, and many others, all major opportunities to try out new types of configurations that were later implemented.

More recently, already operating as Herreros Arquitectos, he won the competitions for the Munch Museum, The Bogota Convention Center, the Cúpula de la Tecnología of Castilla y león in Zamora, the Intermodal Station of Santiago, etc. and was selected for the international tenders of the Nuclear Research Centre in Cadarache, France; the Campus of the Menil Foundation in Houston, the House of European History in Brussels, the Multipurpose Energy Centre in Soria, the Intermodal Stations in A Coruña, and Orense, and Keklovaca’s Tourist Centre in Bosnia and Herzegovina, etc.

Undoubtedly, the two most singular buildings completed recently by our practice are the Space Research and Tracking Centre for Hispasat in Spain, which has already become the company’s main asset in terms of corporate image and communications, winner of one of the three Distinctions awarded by the Archtiects Professional Association in Madrid and the Banco Panamá tower which aims an innovative typological recreation of independent stacked buildings.