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Hosted by Unidad Herreros the Workshop ‘Infrastructure Architecture’ will explore a different way to approach the architectural design. Dismissing the hegemony of the Object, Architecture as Infrastructures seeks to understand a wider vission and mission on the agency of architecture. Through the belief that architecture is a tool capable of transforming reality, we are interested in a conversation that discusses architecture hegemony of objetuality. While we sill think that architecture is manifest in ‘artifacts’, we want to stress that these artifacts become ‘infrastructure’ if the are represented from a map or frelationships, and not from an object of self contemplation that wants to contain the whole meaning. Through this gaze, the role of the artifact is to take agency from the map, while the role of the map is to establish possibilities, potentialities, and opportunities to draw one architectural solution among others.


Coordinators: Rafael Beneytez-Durán, Ophelia Mantz
Directors: Juan Herreros, Jacobo García-Germán, Rafael Beneytez-Durán
Guests: Carlos Sambricio, Ángel Borrego, Lina Toro, María Hurtado de Mendoz, César Benavides, Pepe Huertado de Mendoza
Meta-Guests: Esteban Salcedo, Ana Sabugo, José de Andrés, María López-Chicheri

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