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estudio Herreros and Latin America

Uruguay was the first country in Latin America where Juan Herreros appeared as a guest in 1995 of the School of Architecture at República University to deliver, together with Iñaki Ábalos, a legendary seminar entitled “Hybrid Containers” which gave rise to an uninterrupted relationship until now. After “Hybrid Containers” came the first edition of the Montevideo Seminar on the Bay and the text “Visiones de un Viajero Asombrado” (Visions of an Amazed Traveller), the Workshop led with Antoni Muntadas on reinterpretation of the City Zoo, participation in the Archiprix jury, etc., until the recent closing as rapporteur of the 2010 Montevideo Seminar. These visits have always included conferences at the School of Architecture or the Spanish Cultural Centre. In 2010 he won the Second Prize in the International Competition in the proposal of the Special Plan for the Historic City Center of Montevideo.

Simultaneously, Argentina has received the visit of Juan Herreros as leader of two “Project Technique Workshops” and a Professor Refresher Course at the School of Architecture and the more recent “Buenos Aires from Head to Foot” sponsored by the Spanish Cultural Centre, the second Buenos Aires Urban Seminar, SUBA, at Palermo University and “Taller de técnicas de proyecto” in Neuquén, all of them complemented with various conferences at the MALBA Museum and Nacional de Bellas Artes, the Patricio Foundation, the Architects Society and several universities in Buenos Aires, Neuquén and Córdoba.

Other countries have welcomed Juan Herreros as leader of workshops and lecturer at various meetings, congresses and biennial events such as Chile –invited by the Catholic University of Santiago and Diego Portales University, Colombia –invited by the Catholic University, Javeriana University and Andes University, Bolivia –invited by the Architecture Associations of La Paz and Cochabamba, where he was named honorary citizen, Cuba –invited to the closing as rapporteur of the 2009 Caribbean Architecture Congress – and Mexico, where he received the Barragán Chair in 2004 and has visited nearly all the major universities and Architecture Associations of Mexico City, Puebla, Querétaro, Guadalajara, delivering conferences and participating in highly prestigious congresses such as “Arquine”; Panamá, participating in two of the Biennial of Architecture Conferences; and has been conductor of its first exhibition of Jóven Arquitectura Panameña and teller of the Jornada; Perú, where he was named “Arquitecto del Mundo” by the Colegio de Arquitectos de Lima and as an educational expert in Panels about project teaching led by Frederick Cooper as the director of the Pontificia Universidad of Perú; Santo Domingo, etc.

Professionally, Brazil was the first destination of Abalos&Herreros, which, together with Héctor Viglieca, Eduardo Horta and Fabiana Izaga, were granted one of the sites of the Rio Cidade tender, going on to build the Restructuring of the Public Space in the Ramos District in Río de Janeiro in 2003. In Puerto Rico, they developed the project for the Biotechnology Laboratory of the University of Puerto Rico in collaboration with the design of the Botanical Garden developed by Field Operations. Once operating as HerrerosArquitectos, this was one of the international practices that responded in 2006 to the call from the Montevideo Administration to reorganize Punta Carretas, Punta del Buceo and Hotel Carrasco and the Plan Estratégico del Caso Histórico in collaboration with Thomas Sprechman, winner of the second prize. Nowadays he is studying various projects in this country among which it is worthy to mention a skyscraper in cooperation with the local architect Martín Gómez Platero. The situation is similar in Mexico, where HerrerosArquitectos studied the restructuring of the Jamaica Market and its surroundings in Mexico City, the urban transformation of the markets at the city center of DF and where they have several residential developments ongoing in the capital and in Xoxitepec and Querétano in cooperation with the office of Gutierrez Arquietctos.

Finally and now estudio Herreros has accomplished the 30-storey Panama Bank Tower of the city of Panamá in cooperation with Mallol & Mallol, an ambitious infrastructural and public space on the waterfront in the same city and the access rearragenment of the Ciudad Colón

In 2011 he won, together with the Colombian architect Daniel Bermúdez the first prize in the International Convention Centre in Bogota, a 76,000 m2 expected to be built by 2016 and become the spearhead of an urban renewal project of major proportions.

We conclude by referring to the many architecture trade journals that have mentioned works designed and built, as well as theory and pedagogical activities involving Juan Herreros since the 1990s within which it is worth mentioning Arquine, Plot, SUMMA, as well as the la Latin American edition of Future magazine in October 2011. Given the above, Juan Herreros enjoys great recognition in Latin America for his more than evident teaching, professional and research endeavours, especially amongst the younger generations, for whom his work is a clearly acknowledged operational reference.