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estudio Herreros and industrial architecture

Juan Herreros has maintained a permanent link with the industrial architecture or associated with various technological processes. Its origin as a teacher of construction systems in the late 80s approached him to work together with specialists in engineering and infrastructure expertise starting a career that has been enriched over the years.

The first set of projects of this type were the Wastewater Treatment plants for the Community of Madrid finally constructed corresponding to the municipalities of Villalba and Guadarrama shaping what was considered a novelty in those days as the entry of signature architecture in certain industrial environments, normally degraded by the aggressiveness of their programs and usually kept hidden from the eyes of citizens. Years later, participating as architects in the multidisciplinary team that won the competition for the architectural design of the Waste Treatment Plant Urban Madrid, the largest in Europe with its features, it has been demonstrated that architecture has a place in the establishment and programming of complex industrial processes if it is able to work with many highly skilled technical specialties. This plant worldwide pioneered the transformation of a landfill into an educational institution able to sensitize visitors to the need for recycling and environmental awareness transforming the recycling plant into a place visited by the public. Then came other similar facilities such as Tenerife (which includes a recycling museum and a classroom for environmental education), Pinto (which includes all processes specialized in plastic, paper, metal, organic matter, etc.) and the one in Barcelona (2007), the most committed of all while planned and built far from the city in the past, urban growth has finally integrated the recycling complex in the urban fabric.