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estudio Herreros and the workspace

Juan Herreros’ experience in office buildings goes back to 1989, when together with Iñaki Ábalos he signed the headquarters for Renfe’s Rolling Stock Direction in Madrid (COAM Prize 1991 and Madrid City Hall Prize to Architecture and Urban Planning 1991). That experience has continued in other significant projects such as the tertiary centre of the Ministry of the Interior; the offices related to the Urban Waste Treatment Plants of Madrid, Pinto, Tenerife and Barcelona, the Administration Building for the University of Extremadura; as well as the Woermann complex (7th Solutia International Design Award 2005) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and the Salburúa Office Towers in Vitoria (AVS, Euskadi Prize 2009). The result of these early works was the book “Técnica y Arquitectura en la Ciudad Contemporánea” (Technique and Architecture in the Contemporary City) published in the USA as “Tower and Office” by MIT Press.

Since the late 1980s, Juan Herreros has given innumerable conferences and workshops and directed a variety of investigations on this matter, especially with regard to the typological revision of the single-function office building and the advent of the hybrid-programme conglomerates in recent decades.

Now working as HerrerosArquitectos, the practice was shortlisted at the international restricted competition for the Incasol headquarters in Barcelona and the ITER research centre in France, winning second prize at both. The construction of the new headquarters of the Hispasat companyin Madrid was completed in 2011 and has just received one of the three distinctions awarded by the Architects Professional Association in Madrid COAM to the best restoration projects of the year; in 2012 the offices for the Calcón production company in Madrid and in 2013 estudio Herreros finished off the construction of the 30-floor skyscraper for Banco Panamá offices in the city of the same name. Nowadays he develops another project for a residential complex that includes cultural sportive and office facilities in Montevideo, Uruguay.